New years and S’pore.

Happy new years everybody! Our new years eve went as follows. Started drinking on the roof top bar at our hostel, raced to the twin towers for the fireworks (which were amazing!), walked back to chinatown and stayed up until 6 in the morning with another group of Finns.

After that, we left Kuala Lumpur, Saana already leaving to Thailand a day before. So it’s only me and Olli. We decided to head down to Singapore, since it’s only 6 hours with the bus…

After walking around the city center mindlesly, we met a local girl Miao, and her family at a noodle stand and got invited to have lunch at their place the next day. So the next day we took the MRT to Boon Lay station and went to the Chan families house :) Apartment Block 666A, is probably the best address to live in :D We ate really well at their place. Curry, fish, duck, prawns, Fishball soup and everything else. But that was just the beginning of the tastefull day. After lunch we had Jackfruit for desert! A very weird fruit. Drank some Ginseng tea that tasted a bit like liquified Mämmi. Had sugarcane soda, some almond and eggwhite pudding. But the weirdest thing i put in my mouth that day, was Durian!

Durian Durian Durian. It smells horrible, and unlike anything you’ve smelled before. It’s even prohibited to be taken into the subways because people dont like the smell. Even the smell is too much for the faint hearted :D but me and Olli were game, so we took a bite. Creamy, smooshie, weird, gag reflex, chew more, swallow, aftershock. But the funny thing was, afterwards it didn’t taste that bad! It’s just so damn weird! Definately not something to eat before a date ;) I could still taste it after 2 hours… A good drink to wash away that taste in Singapore, is the “Singapore Sling”.

I think its originated at the Rafflers hotel, so what better place to go to have one than that. It put us back 12 euros for one cocktail, but c’mon, you’re here, and you need a Sling ;)

Last night we went to the Night Safari and the acknowledged Singapore Zoo. I thought it was a waste of money… I guess since i’ve seen most of the exotic animals in the wild, i just dont like to see them in their small enclosures. And seriously! The tiger looked like it was insane! It was just walking in a figure 8 around its closure…


Today Olli left to Melacca and I’m left alone in Singapore on my birthday. Travelling with Olli was so damn cool since were so crazy and have the same sence of humor. As a birthday treat i got a flight to Bali tonight ! And i’m going to be meeting my great friend Miki! Can’t wait to see what Indonesia has to offer !


~ by Joonas Kinni on January 5, 2010.

One Response to “New years and S’pore.”

  1. Nice one, amazing times in Spore:) But hey you definitely have smelled and tasted durian before, in Thailand. We bought the box of sweets and made all relatives eat them, remember?

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