Yes, Kuala Lumpur or as it is referred to here, KL.

First words that come to mind, WOW! After India, this place is wicked. Everything is so massive and “european” here. A very built up city indeed. We came here with Olli and Saana, leaving Eetu and Juuso at the beach in Kovalam :D We are staying in china town, at a backpackers Inn, not that far from the central. I guess everyones heard of the Petronas towers, or the Twin Towers. You can pretty much see them from anywhere around the city, because they’re so huge! The towers and the KL communications tower are the tallest buildings here, and even if you had no idea how to get to one of them, you just walk in the general direction and you’ll find them ;) Yesterday we went with Olli to the towers, and found that there’s a shopping center inside. There was seriously about all kind of shops you can think of. Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Apple, Adidas, Canon etc etc etc… In other words, too expensive for a traveller like me ;) But it was still very cool to see those big ass towers. There’s a park behind the towers, and half of it is closed due to the preparations of the fireworks for new years. So that should be good tonight :D We went back there when it already was dark, and the towers were lit up pretty impressively. As Olli said, the towers are “Colossal”.

Yes, KL is more expensive than India, but it’s a good change to be in a so called modern city. Tells you a lot how “citicized” (kaupunkilaistuttu) we’ve become. Ill be staying in KL, for at least a few more days, and then ill see where i’m off to.



~ by Joonas Kinni on December 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “KL”

  1. Citicized yes:D Enjoy the city and HAPPY HAPPY Hew Year in KL!

  2. No huuuuhhuh! Happy New Year!

  3. Joo, minä tunnen nuo tornit vaan siitä, että Sean Connery kiipeilee niissä jossakin elokuvassa… mutta asiaan, eli ONNITTELUT 5.1. Sinäkin jo 22 vee!!!
    Meiltä terkut :)

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