Incredibly weird India…


After a month and a half, i’ve unfortunately/finaly/happily/with regrets, left India. India aroused so many thoughts and feelings, I don’t really know how I feel about it. I’ve developed a healthy love hate relationship with the country, which is more like a continent to me. Indias hugeness just can’t be understood. And I only saw such a tiny part of it! It would take a veeeryyy loong time to travel the whole of India, and I really understand the people who can spend years lost in that vast country. It felt like I used a third of my trip there bargaining/arguing with the locals. Wether it was the guest house owner, the guy who I bought my pants from or the goddamn rickshaw drivers! yup, they’re the worst. The big cities, like Mumbai or Chennai are just crazy. The amount of people that live there is mind boggling. But the smaller places, the very few were I visited, were filled with people who are extremely hospitable and friendly. On Neil island I just took off with my bike down a lonely road, and when I reached the end of the road, I found myself in someones backyard! I was a bit startled, wether i’m trespassing or something. But then 3 small children, maybe 5 years old run up to me and give me flowers and are just laughing :) And the mother welcomed me and let me wonder around their land, where they were growing crops and herding cows. The bad aplles are those Indians, that really are after you’re money and want to fool (kusettaa) you and strike when you’re on your weakest. For example when you just arrive in the country tired, and they get you from the airport. But you learn from those situations, to be on the lookout. As a first travel experience, India might be a bit rough for someone who’s not prepared. Not all we saw was very nice. There were also alot of beggars, stray dogs, people who are not for the faint hearted. If you dont like looking at scars etc, it can be very rough, but that’s just the way it is there, and you can’t escape it, and you shouldn’t.

But! I’m not in India anymore ;) Our journey from The Andamans to Trivandrum (the place where our flight left) was a long one. First a flight to Chennai, then about 8 hours in chennai (including a family pizza with pepperoni! at pizza hut), then 3 different buses, 20 hours, to Trivandrum, the capital or Kerala. There we spent 2 nights and got on the plane towards Kuala Lumpur ;)


~ by Joonas Kinni on December 31, 2009.

One Response to “Incredibly weird India…”

  1. India..yeS..too much for many but you handled it really well. I would love to go there one day, soon.

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