Neil Island

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since the last post, and this is only because we were so out of touch of technology at Neil Island! And what a place it was… Compared to Havelock, Neil was definately more chilled and less “touristed”. With less resorts and alot less rickshaws, it was the perfect chill out place.

On the first day we rented bicycles, and that was our only mode of transport on the island. Neil only has one real road that stretches across the whole island, and is about 7-8 km long We were on the complete other end of the island at the Pearl Bay Beach resaort. A 5 minute walk from the resort was beach number 1 and it had the most amazing snorkelling opportunities! Even better than at elephant beach! Needless to say, whenever the sea was stable, we were in there swimming! And our resort was on the sunset side of Neil so we saw some very beautiful sunsets.

Neil island is also very wild. Yes, wild. At night it’s very frightening (kuumottavaa) to ride you bike because of all the stray dogs. As you drive past them, they all start to bark like crazy! One night we were celebrating Ollis’ and saanas’ birthdays, and having a farewell for Ari and Meytal since they were leaving the Andmans. And on the way back to the Pearl, the dogs just went crazy. Luckily we have very loud voices and shouting HAI! usually works with these dogs. The forests are also filled with animals. Lizards Kingikeisareita, and just forest crabs! Big crabs as well… As we were walking to the beach, we just heard shuffling in the bushes, and as you shone the light there, you just saw so many big crabs running wild.

The people in Neil were all very pleasant, and the youth were hooked on table tennis. And as the table tennis virtuoses as we are, me and Eetu challenged the locals to a doubles game, and we beat all 3 games :D

One night we bought 4 kgs of silver fish and Juuso bought a whle chicken, and we had a nice BBQ. We prepared the fish into banana leaves and seasoned them, while the sun was going down in the background. By far the coolest place i’ve ever made food in… And the food was delicious.

We spent a lot of time at the green heaven restaurant talking with the locals and getting to know some history of Neil, and what we gathered it used to be even chiller as it is now. Not cold but more comfortable… People used to sleep on the beach in their hammocks and have bonfires etc. But now they have a curfew and no one is allowed on the beach at night. (But we still went to watch the stars, and it was worth it)

All and all Neil islands was a blast and a very peaceful place.. And the Andamans in general! And if anyone is planning to going to these beautiful islands in the future, do it in the next 3 years, otherwise im afraid it might be too commercial, and you might miss out on the natural beauty of it all…

Now we’ve spent 30 days in the Andaman islands, and wahat a 30 days it has been. I can definitely see myself coming back here one day… But now it’s off to new adventures! Malesia here we come!


~ by Joonas Kinni on December 25, 2009.

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  1. Sounds awesome, truly….except for the stray dogs and more and more tourists. We are so worried about increasing tourism yet we are tourists ourselves. But luckily it is eco tourism that benefits the locals, not mass tourism for international businesses. I hope- Love you milions and have a safe flight (or boat trip) to Malesia!

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