Andamans Pt. 2

So! It’s time for andamans part 2 :)

The independence day party was a blast! My good friend Olli just made it to Havelock in time for the celebrations. He met a Portuguese guy, Antonia on the boat over to Havelock, and they both moved with us in the backyard of the notorious El Dorado :D But, back to the party! We ended up having the party at Venom bar, and after having a chat with the owner, we bought 5 bottles of Vodka from the bar. Then as people started showing up, we offered them the vodka :D needles to say, by the time of the afterparty back at El Dorado, everyone was wasted. (Typical finnish style?) The after party is a whole new post in itself, and I think i’ll save that story to when I get back to Finland. The next morning Ari said, “never go party with the Finnish on their independece day!”

After a few days recovering, we pulled our act together and headed to Elephant beach for some snorkeling. To get to the beach you need to trek through a really muddy jungle path that takes about30 mins. But its way worth it! There were beautiful coral reefs and so many colorful fish, that I just had to try and take pictures of them! My camera isn’t really water proof, so I tried making a bag out of a Minigrip bag and sealing it with duct tape. But it failed :( It was time for a new camera anyways, and I managed to get some pictures. And thankfully the memory card is fine. But my camera wasn’t the only casualty on that day. While we were swimming the high tide creeped up on our stuff back on the beach and took with it a pair of sandals, 2 pairs of snorkel masks, and worst, Juusos I-Phone O_o

We also had another Jam session at Venom, and the turnout was great this time. Didn’t realise that havelock had so many musicians :)

Eventually, our time came to leave Havelock, and that also meant saying bye to people that came very close to us. But we are now heading to new adventures and the next stop is Neil Island. Then on the 26th of Dec. We are flying away from the Andamans…


~ by Joonas Kinni on December 16, 2009.

One Response to “Andamans Pt. 2”

  1. I am glad that you were true ambassadors of Finland on our Independence Day! That is also called public diplomacy. Ei putoa omena kauas puusta kuten suomalainen sanonta kuuluu, diplomaattiperhe kun ollaan:)
    Halauksia uskolliselta blogisi seuraajalta <3

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