Best word to describe Hampi would be, stony. This whole place is filled with huge rock formations, and im amazed that  someone once thought of building a city here. Walking in the ruins of this once luxurious place, is like walking back in time. We’re only spending a few days here, so we can’t see everything.

The Rocks!

On the first day we just prowled around the Hampi Bazaar, bargaining our way into good deals. There is a large temple in the middle of Hampi that you can spot from almost anywhere in the city. The city is a religious place so meat and alcohol products are forbidden. But, of course if you want something like beer, you can get it with the right price.

Yesterday we crossed the river and took a rickshaw to a large lake. There we went cliff diving and enjoyed the sweet waters. For sunset, some of us climbed on top of the Matanga Hill, where you find an old temple on the top. The views were amazing from up there! It is definitely the best place for sunsets and sunrises! I even threw a frisbee golf disc down from up there, and man did that thing fly far….

Today is the last day in Hampi, since our train leaves to Chennai tonight. And hopefully tomorrow we’ll be on a plane to the Andaman Islands :)

Ruins of a temple


~ by Joonas Kinni on November 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey! Very jealous of all your travels, sounds and looks amazing. Let me know what Chennai is like, I lived there when I was 4 till about 8 yrs old but can’t remember much. Enjoy everything, take care!

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