Incredible India?

Hey loyal blog followers! This is my first entry after leaving from England. I am also sitting in the first internet cafe that i have seen in India.

I arrived  in Mumbay on monday morning at 2 am, and after getting my backpack I still had to wait 3 hours for Tuomas and Janne. They got stuck in the customs for a while but we all made it out of the airport. First thing we noticed was the heat! We thought we were still inside the airport because the outside weather was so wark and humid! Luckily Eetu, Juuso and Saana had already booked a hotel in mumbai, and so there was someone to meet us at the airport and take us to the J.K. Regency hotel.

We onl stayed at the hotel for about 10 hours and got ripped off for 100 euros for the room! The whole place was quite a rip off, so we decided to take a bus on the same day to Goa, on the west coas of India.

The bus was a sleeper bus with compartments that fits 2 people. It wasn’t  as uncomfortable as I thought at first, and I even managed to get some sleep. The organisers told us the ride would take around 8-12 hours, but it took as 15 hours! And there was no Air Con, so Janne had to travel only wearing his boxers :D

But finally we made it to Goa! We rented 2 huts from a sea view place called S2. It was already familiar to Eetu and Juuso, since they were in the same place a year ago. And knowing the owners does give you some benefits ;) The resort is so beautiful and we just swim all day long and sunbathe. I even tried yoga this morning and realised I am definately not a sretchy person :D Today we rented scooters for everyone except Saana and now were exploring Goa. So far were all pretty sunburnt :D But i guess our skins will get used to it after a while. And the best way to describe how hot it is here is quoting Janne from last night. “Vittu mika soija!” :D :D

Goa, Morjim beach

Tonights the last night here and were gonna look for some good beach parties ;) And tomorrow we are heading to Hospet and to the town Hampi.

I just realised that i dont have my memory card reader with me, so I can only add pictures the next time I find an internet cafe, so be pacient ;)

Hugs and kisses to our families and friends!



~ by Joonas Kinni on November 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Incredible India?”

  1. Nice to hear that you are enjoying India! Quite jealous of the heat! Have fun! xx

  2. Hei joonas ja muut maailman matkaajat.
    Kiva kuulla matkanne edistymisestä. Lämpöä taitaa riittää liiaksikin, sanotaanhan kuitenkin ettei lämpö luita riko.
    Nauttikaa lämmöstä ja vedestä, kateeksi vähän käy. Täällä on ikävän pimeätä ja satanut vähän väliä. Älkäähän antako huijata
    itseänne kalliilla hinnoilla. Tinkimisen varaa varmasti ueinkin on. Hyvää matkan jatkoa.

    Terv. Jorma&Helmi

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