Black cabs and Fabian…

I arrived in Central London a little past 1am. You could definitely tell being in London since the only vehicles driving past are either black cabs or double decker buses! My old friend Fabian came to meet me at Victoria station and we headed to his house in Ealing London. Fabian lives in a biiig house with 5 other people so there’s always some sounds coming from at least one room.  Someone is either singing or just playing music loud, but thats a good atmosphere :)

The tube system in London is really clever and working but @#$%^ confusing ! Therefore I only travel with someone who knows where to go…

Thursday Fabi took me to see his school and a little bit around London, but we didn’t really see much yet. In the evening we went to a student bar called Imperial and I also met up with an army friend of mine Kalle, who moved to England 2 months ago. We didn’t party that long and we’re saving our resources for Friday night when me and Fabi challenge a Sierra Gold Tequila bottle ;)


~ by Joonas Kinni on November 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Black cabs and Fabian…”

  1. Cowabunga! This blog is a great idea and helps me cope with the reality of you travelling around:D Hugs!

  2. Hyvää matkaa eteenpäin meiltä kaikilta- sitten kun olette päihittäneet sen tequila-pullon!

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